Apiarist Suit | Max Protect Suit

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  • Self-supporting removable veils.
  • Gunmetal zippers leg, body, and veil.
  • Lightweight fabric.
  • Elastic wrists and ankles.
  • Interlock pattern.
  • 2 Front pockets with Velcro seals.
  • 2 deep front pockets.
  • 2 hive tool pockets on each leg.
  • Suits and Jackets are washable
  • The detachable hood is washable by hand
  • Unisex design

Camouflage Apiarist Suit | Max Protect Suit

Are you hunting for a camouflage apiarist suit? Buzzing bee is endowing camouflage apiarist suits in the market with maximum protection. Whether you are taking care of a few hives or working professionally, it will make your life easy with a great deal of satisfaction. It is a self-supporting one-piece suit with the plus of a removable veil. It consists of a gunmetal zipper leg, a body, and a veil.
Apiarist Suit lightweight fabric authorizes the beekeepers to relish the working hours in the bee hives during the scorching days of summer. Elasticity in the wrists and ankles locks the touch of the bees to the beekeeper’s body and provides a great deal of safety. Its interlock pattern provides complete protection to the beekeeper’s body from bee stings. Two front pockets with Velcro seals will catch your sight. Two deep front pockets are also there. This suit maintains your comfort zone while having a busy day in the hives by offering you two hive tool pockets on each leg. Instead of having a big tool bag, these pockets have much space to carry tools in them.
Do you know bees get annoyed by the bad smell? Yes, it is true. So, to avoid any offensive attack by the bees it is essential to keep your bee suit neat and clean. For this purpose, it is of the essence to let everyone know that this Apiarist Suit is easily washable. It can be conveniently washable in the machine but be careful while washing the detachable hood because it is washable by hand not in the machine.
Moreover, you can get this apiarist suit in a unisex design. It is suitable for both genders. You can avail massive discount on every size in it. It is available in all sizes and in premium quality.
Go and get your suitable size of camouflage apiarist suit. Stay invisible in the hive and relish the calm beekeeping.


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