Bee protection suit | Untreated Natural Cotton bee suit

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$130.00 From: $108.00

  • Made with pure untreated cotton
  • Removable fencing veil
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Cushioned kneepads
  • Elastic waist, wrists, and ankles
  • 3 Double-stitched front pockets
  • 2 Hive tool leg pockets
  • Unisex design

Bee protection suit | Untreated Natural Cotton bee suit

This bee protection suit offers essentially everything you need. From keeping the bees away from your skin (its primary task) to providing you with excellent visibility and breathability, this suit encompasses everything! Our best bee protection suit provides just enough of everything, with a perfectly crafted veil, durable unbleached cotton material, and most importantly, as the name indicates, EXTRA PROTECTION!

Buzzing Bee’s protection suit provides not only greater ventilation, but its meticulously crafted design is also highly effective in protecting. What’s even more remarkable is that our bee suit is made of untreated cotton fabric, which is gentler on your skin than other fabrics. With our bee protection suit for sale, you can now enjoy beekeeping without getting those unwanted rashes and skin irritation.

This suit comes with a removable fencing veil, which is large enough to entirely cover the head while giving adequate breathing space, not to make the beekeeper feel suffocated. Also, the veil won’t move up and down while working. The veil is made of mesh fabric, giving the beekeeper optimal protection without compromising vision on both the front and sides.

A removable fencing veil makes it easier for you to take off your veil in case of any emergency or even for regular cleaning purposes. Heavy-duty zippers provide extra protection, along with elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles that prevent any unwanted bees from entering your suit! This suit comes in a multitude of sizes for you to choose from! Choose your size and see for yourself why customers love our premium most protective bee suit!



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  1. John William

    This was a present for my daughter, who does love it. Thank you.

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