Bee sting proof clothing | High Quality Beekeeper clothing

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  • 3 layered design.
  • broad view.
  • maximum protection.

Bee sting proof clothing| High Quality Beekeeper clothing

Bee sting proof clothing is a three-layered mesh fabric design. While working in hives for long hours, broad and obstruction-free views in crucial. For this reason, the veil of this bee sting-proof suit makes the difference here with its 360 mesh qualities. The broad area of the veil assists the beekeeper to see perfectly through it without any blockage. Not only it provides clear visibility, but also it acts as a barrier from the baleful incursion by the bees.
It is a great deal of protection as it is a bee sting-proof suit. It seals the beekeeper’s body from the bee stings and thus they feel secure. This suit shields the beekeeper’s body from head to toe. Its elastic wrists fence the upper part of the body from the adverse attack of the bees. In addition, the elastic ankles act as a barrier for the lower part of the body from the wild bee’s attack. It is a complete package of protection. It comes up with 2 robust front pockets which are beneficial to keep some hive tools and other accessories in them. When you see a bit down, two more large pockets will catch your sight. These are occupying the space on the leg side of the suit. All these four pockets are enough to get rid of a heavy tool bag. The entire outfit is loaded with an ultimate package of satisfaction and protection.
This bee sting-proof suit is easily washable. Its washing property makes it more reliable in a long run. You should not worry about the fabric because buzzing bee is leading the market due to its superior quality and guaranteed fabric.
You can catch any size in the unisex design of this outfit. Great discount deals are out. If you want to be sting-free throughout your working hours, go and check out the off deals, grab your ideal beekeeping suit and enjoy your duty.



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  1. Christina Carrillo

    Verified Owner

    Just a few days ago, I began beekeeping. As an inexperienced beekeeper, getting stung was something I was nervous about. The hive I bought from someone ended up turning highly aggressive. Every time I got near their hive or touched any part of their hive, I had thirty bees fly at me. I was coated in bees as they were all stinging me. I still have yet to be physically stung! This suit protects so well against getting stung which gives me such a nice peace of mind! and i fee grateful to inform that i’m ordering more in coming days. This becomes possible just because of buzzing bee team.

  2. Kammy Rios

    The round “hat” rim keeps the veil away from my face so bees can’t sting me through the veil. The metal zippers are great and are more durable than plastic. The zippers at the leg bottoms make the suit easy to get on an off and i feel very glad to have this kind of suit and i will suggest to others to buy this good quality suit.

  3. Derrick Mccann

    Verified Owner

    Bought this suit and loved it from the start, did have some problems with the veil being tight and causing the netting titouch my neck and face, I didn’t even contact them they contacted me and asked me what I thought and sent me a larger veil, I’ve used it over 100 times now since getting it in March and I will hands down be using them every time I need a suit from now on. For the money I paid I would definitely recommend this suit. If you have a problem bring it to thier attention so they can continue to improve the beekeeping community.
    I am very pleased after that and i would recommend it to others. They are very cooperative and their delivery is very fast i received it on given time.
    I want to thank them for such as awesome and trusted deal

  4. Stephanie Estes

    Verified Owner

    Love the suit. Vents well, could be a little bit roomier. I would go a size up next time. Thank you @Buzzing bee team. Love your service and love your quality.


    The suit is relatively easy to put on and off. Beekeeping is a hot undertaking and that will not change. But this vented suit makes it better. it greatly reduces bee stings and stops bees getting trapped inside the veil. I would really recommend this suit to new keepers of bees. 5uit almost ends bee stings which is a major retarder of new people enter into an exciting hobby that enhances your whole neighborhood.

  6. Donna Kenneth

    Great beekeepers suit. Easy to put on. Cool when wearing and working with my hive.

  7. Brighton

    Perfect!! I like the beekeeping suit material and size was perfect! I use this suit to work with my honeybees.

  8. Linda jones

    This is by far the best suit I’ve ever had! I had a really hard time doing bees all day because of the heat inside my suit. I would get dehydrated and exhausted just a couple of hours in. With my new suit, I can do anything! I can stay with the bees all day! No problem! This suit has made my life so much cooler & more enjoyable, thank you so much!

  9. Kevin Scott

    I purchased the suit, very cool the breeze flows right through it, sometimes I thought I did not zip it up because it is so cool in the sun, deep pockets, suit material seems very strong, and protects from any stings. Good suit to be purchased.

  10. Linda Jones

    Verified Owner

    I’ve worked around several yellow jacket nests without a single sting as I watch them buzzing around me surely trying very hard to use their stingers.
    Love to wear this suit of good quality and easy to wear this too comfortable.

  11. Adam Cormier

    This suit is awesome. Even with regular clothes on underneath, I manage to stay cool in the hot Illinois summer sun.


    Verified Owner

    Hubby loves that it keeps its shape. This veil works well. Easy to put on, easy to fold up and store. Does the job!
    love its quality and stuff. I’m recommending others to buy from this platform and any suit you like buy from here.

  13. Sylvie Renaud Styron

    Verified Owner

    This veil works well. Easy to put on, easy to fold up and store. Does the job!
    Love your fast service and suggesting others to buy this.
    thank you so much


    Verified Owner

    Suit is nice, haven’t been stung while wearing it…yet. Was a little disappointed by the face part, since it’s collapsible the wire mesh sometimes rests against your face, this can be fixed by pushing it away from your face before donning. Ventilation is great, seals nicely and leaves no room for Bees to violate. Great suit overall. Zippers seem to be of good quality. Pockets are great to have for storing hive tool.

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