Bee sting proof clothing

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  • 3 layered design.
  • broad view.
  • maximum protection.

Bee sting proof clothing

Bee sting proof clothing is a three-layer mesh fabric well-designed bee-keeping suit, which gives a broad view to the person who wears it but maximum protection


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    The suit is relatively easy to put on and off. Beekeeping is a hot undertaking and that will not change. But this vented suit makes it better. it greatly reduces bee stings and stops bees getting trapped inside the veil. I would really recommend this suit to new keepers of bees. 5uit almost ends bee stings which is a major retarder of new people enter into an exciting hobby that enhances your whole neighborhood.

  2. Donna Kenneth

    Great beekeepers suit. Easy to put on. Cool when wearing and working with my hive.

  3. Brighton

    Perfect!! I like the beekeeping suit material and size was perfect! I use this suit to work with my honeybees.

  4. Linda jones

    This is by far the best suit I’ve ever had! I had a really hard time doing bees all day because of the heat inside my suit. I would get dehydrated and exhausted just a couple of hours in. With my new suit, I can do anything! I can stay with the bees all day! No problem! This suit has made my life so much cooler & more enjoyable, thank you so much!

  5. Kevin Scott

    I purchased the suit, very cool the breeze flows right through it, sometimes I thought I did not zip it up because it is so cool in the sun, deep pockets, suit material seems very strong, and protects from any stings. Good suit to be purchased.

  6. Adam Cormier

    This suit is awesome. Even with regular clothes on underneath, I manage to stay cool in the hot Illinois summer sun.

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