Beekeeper outfit | Best organic Polycotton quality bee suit

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  • Tailored fit with an elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles, plus thumb and foot holds to keep everything comfortably in place.
  • Removable veil for easy cleaning and storage.
  • 360° mesh for unobstructed viewing.
  • 10 pockets, Six double stitched front pockets, Four ballistic nylon hive tool pockets

Beekeeper outfit| Best organic Polycotton quality bee suit

Beekeeper outfit is one of the best comfortable suits out there, made of high-quality cotton and polyester which makes it durable and string proof. contains ten pockets in which 6 pockets are double stitched and the other four are hive tool pockets, we used a removable round veil for better viewing angles.

This beekeeper outfit is one of the best organic polycotton bee suits. We use the finest quality cotton and polyester which boost its life and make it more protective. The poly-cotton fabric makes it more durable and sting proof. It is a highly lightweight suit specially designed for hot weather. beekeeping outfit is characterized by a tailored fit an elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles. This elasticity is a great source of protection from wild bees. Moreover, there are thumb and foot holds to keep everything comfortably in place.
The removable veil of this organic poly cotton beekeeper suit is easy to clean. 360 degrees of the veil will not obstruct the view. If you find a calm environment in the hive, you can easily detach it and can continue your duty. Its lightweight cotton fabric will maintain your body temperature. Thus, your productivity and efficiency will not get disturbed.
Here you will notice 10 pockets; six double-stitched front pockets, and four ballistic nylon hive tool pockets. All are robust and reliable. They are proving to be very supportive throughout the working time because they can carry enough basic stuff. A beekeeper can easily have some important hive tools in it. One more thing, we use the finest quality stuff for pockets and after many washes, the quality of the fabric will remain the same.
Once you try our beekeeping outfit on our guarantee, you will recommend it to others. We never compromise on the standard of our products. Once you buy it, it will go with you for a time but you have to be more concerned about the cleanliness of your beekeeping outfit. Keep in mind, bees get annoyed by the foul odor. So, your beekeeping outfit should be neat and clean before going to the hive.
Check out your dream outfit and order now. It is racked up with all sizes and the design is for both genders. Stay protected with the buzzing bee’s best collection of beekeeping outfits.


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  1. Chip Stevens

    I think this Bee suit is very well made fits my wife like a glove very comfortable not made cheaply, very pleased with this Buzzing Bee would recommend it to anyone who’s keeping bees.

  2. Terry marshal

    Let me say Thank you for taking the time to build me a customized suit in this design. that really shows me that you go out of your way to please your customer and i will recommend you to everyone.

  3. Brian Yelinko

    Verified Owner

    Love my new suit. Fit is great and it’s nice and cool. Great quality with metal zippers. This bee suit totally outperforms and safeguards me while in apiary. So well made and so comfy. I’m so happy with it. I highly recommend it. It came to me very fast, faster than expected. GREAT COMPANY!! and i would like to recommend to others to buy this suit. Really a pure quality suit Thank you.

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