Beekeeping clothing | Professional Mesh layer Bee Suit

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  • Made of high quality synthetic fabric.
  • Collapsible, removable fencing veil.
  • Full-face mesh for unobstructed viewing.

Beekeeping clothing | Professional Mesh layer Bee Suit

Beekeeping clothing is the best bee suit out there which can protect you from bees and also be gentle to bees as their strings do not get harm by that.


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  1. Christopher Argie

    This was the perfect upgrade from my normal cotton bee suit when dealing with alot of aggressive bees. I bought this for hive relocation and it was great!. Where I was sweating and soaked thru on my cotton suit I would get stung, but this one keeps you cooler and keeps the bees stings away. Most of my hive maintenance is calm and in cotton, but for the distubed bees this is the suit you need.

  2. Laura Durst

    As I start to prepare for this season in Virginia, I realized it is time for a new suit. I loved the ease of putting it on and taking it off, and the best thing about it is that it has great air flow! I was waving my arms around and just loved feeling the air flow. Great Suit! I am extremely happy.

  3. William

    Excellent suit. Nice lite and breathable material and it fits perfectly. Good visibility and mobility. Thanks!!

  4. Paul smith

    I love this suit – it’s triple layer mesh and especially nice when there’s a bit of breeze:) It has some nice design features…I really like the fitting, handy hive-tool pockets on the right and left-hand sides, (great for all those left-handed beekeepers out there!)
    The fencing-style hood is so much easier and quicker to put on than the round style I had on my old bee suit which had a habit of twisting round and generally being a bit of a pain to get on. It has good visibility and there’s plenty of room inside, which again, is great for keeping you cool.
    Worth spending a bit of time on the handy sizing guide…I followed their sizing guide rather than my own guesstimates and got the perfect fit!

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