Beekeeping Gloves

Protecting yourself from the sting of bees as you handle their hives and enter their space is important to your health and comfort. While beekeeping suits do a good job of protecting the head and body, sometimes your hands are still left exposed and potentially in danger. Beekeeping gloves fill in that last gap and cover your exposed skin to stop bees from stinging your fingers. These gloves are crafted out of premium materials that are strong enough to resist piercing should a bee sting you but are still pliable enough for you to easily move your fingers to do your work. Our beekeeper gloves not only protect the hands, but these bee gloves also extend well past the wrist and in some cases, up to the elbow, so you can pull them right on over your bee suit. Here you’ll even find beekeeping gloves that have elastic material around the ends, allowing them to better secure your arms to ensure no sneaky bees accidentally crawl up the sleeves. In this way, with the help of these gloves, you can handle the hives with greater peace of mind that you won’t accidentally be touching any bees and therefore will not get stung.

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