Beekeeping Jacket

When you just need to quickly go into your beekeeping area to check on your hive but do not require a full suit, a beekeeping jacket is the best choice. Wearing a beekeeping jacket provides you with similar protection to that of a bee suit and will keep your head and upper body safe from stings without making you get totally dressed to protect yourself. These beekeeping jackets come with a variety of features that set them apart from the others, such as the included veils that come with the jackets. These veils will protect your face from the swarm of bees as you do your work without overly obstructing your vision. Each of them is easy to put on, whether you prefer having a zip-up style bee jacket or instead like to have a pullover style. They come available in several colors, including soft whites and blues, etc. which are particularly well-suited for keeping bees calm when they see you. The inclusion of pockets in most of them allows you to carry hive tools with you into the bee area so that you can quickly work without having to carry around a bulky tool belt.

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