Breathable bee jacket | Professional beekeeping jacket

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  • Self-supporting, removable round veil
  • Heavy-duty brass zippers
  • ventilation panels keep you cool in hot weather
  • Elastic waist and elastic wrists, plus thumb
  • 360° mesh for unobstructed viewing
  • Two double-stitched front pockets
  • Unisex design for men and women

Breathable bee jacket | Professional beekeeping jacket

Breathable bee jacket is made of 100% pure cotton with added ventilation panels. The five ventilation panels are made with aerated fabric to keep you cool, while lightweight foam inserts by interlocking pattern to prevent bee stings from reaching your skin. Breathable bee jackets come in a variety of sizes to provide extra comfortability according to your size.
Working in a bee yard always demands grand protection for the beekeepers to save their body from the bee stings. This complete safety is unachievable without a professional beekeeping jacket. Buzzing bee’s professional beekeeping jackets will aid you in achieving your desired goals. Beekeeping is getting hard in the hot weather, but now we are offering a breathable bee jacket. Don’t you wonder how a jacket can be breathable? Hold on! Yes, the 100% pure cotton ventilation panels make this professional beekeeping jacket breathable, and consequently, it feels you cooling effect on the sizzling hot summer days. 
Moreover, this jacket comes with a rounded isolatable veil characterized by a 360-degree mesh that aids unblocked sight. Not only this, it also acts as a fence for your overall face to save it from harm from the bees. Plus, this professional Breathable bee jacket goes along with heavy-duty brass zippers. It safeguards the beekeeper’s body like a shield from getting stung. It puts a stop to bees not touching the beekeeper’s body. Hence, they can perform their duties with total energy and concentration.
Along with brass zippers, this Breathable bee jacket engrosses the buyer’s attention with its elastic waist and wrists. As a result, it flawlessly meets the fitting requirements of the beekeeper’s body, and thus they can continue the work without a hitch. The wrist’s elastic tightly fits around the wrists and keeps away the bees from getting into the arms. Thus, a beekeeper can do the concerned job fearlessly.
On the front of the jacket, you will come across two double-stitched front pockets. They are reliable enough to carry the hive tools in them. Consequently, a beekeeper gets rid of a heavy tool bag. These breathable jackets are ready to use in all sizes and for both genders, male and female. Go and secure your favorite jacket now at fantastic discount rates.



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  1. Denise Bazan

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    Great fit. well made. Quality jacket. Easy to work in. High quality! I’ve been using this season without any issues! Love this jacket and its way of manufacturing.

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