Forest beekeeping jacket | camouflage jacket

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  • Self-supporting, removable veil
  • Non- Flammable veil
  • 3 layer interlock deign
  • Elastic waist and elastic wrists, plus thumb
  • Durable double-stitched pockets
  • 4 double-stitched front pockets
  • Unisex design for men and women

Forest beekeeping jacket | camouflage jacket

Forest beekeeping jacket | camouflage jacket let you enjoy your beekeeping, gardening, or hunting without being getting stung or distracted by bees, wasps, or mosque. This jacket can be used for a different purpose and provide maximum protection from stings while keeping you cool on hot summer days. This camouflage beekeeping jacket provides you a chance to be invisible while checking your hives from the other.

Want to be invisible in the hives? Now it is within the realms of possibility. Buzzing bee’s incredible services are here for encouragement. Coping with bees in hives is not a cup of tea for everyone. One should be more heedful and kinetic in the hive. Buzzing bee groks your demands and tries to accomplish all your requisites. Forest beekeeping jacket is one of them.
Like all other demanding beekeeping jackets, the forest beekeeping jacket is making its mark due to its self-supporting properties and detachable veil. But one thing that makes this jacket eminent from others is its non-flammable veil. It gives sanctuary to the apiarists in case of any harm.Don’t forget about the three-layer interlock design of this camouflage jacket. This jacket sustains ultimate protection from getting stung while working with bees. In addition, its three-layer interlock design is culminating source of cooling on roasting days of summer. Now beekeepers can relish the taste of working with being invisible in the hives with this premium quality camouflage | forest beekeeping jacket.
Its elastic waist permits accurate fitting according to your body. With an elastic waist, elastic wrists are like icing on the top for a beekeeper. These elastic wrists enhance the safety of bee stings.
Four durable double-stitched front pockets will catch your attention. These are the alternative tool bag for beekeepers. Instead of carrying a heavy tool bag, the beekeeper can bring the required tools in these reliable pockets for working in the hives. The pockets are big enough to quickly back the hive tools.
The unisexual design of this camouflage jacket is suitable for both genders (men and women). If you want to be invisible and work calmly in the bee yard, this forest beekeeping jacket is for you. It is now at hand in every size. The grand sale is out with exclusive discounts. Grab your ones and amuse yourself while working in the hives


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