Heavy duty bee suit | Bee handler

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  • polycotton light weight fabric.
  • self supporting, removable veil.
  • heavy duty zipper and double stitched pockets.

Heavy duty bee suit | Bee handler

Heavy duty bee suit is a full-body cotton beekeeping suit, it’s washable and has a self-supporting veil. The ultra-light fabric gives you a feel of freedom and improves your productivity. The heavy-duty bee suit is incorporated with poly cotton lightweight fabric. Its lightweight fabric permits the beekeeper to have peaceful interaction with the bees in the hives. The lightweight poly cotton fabric keeps the beekeeper cool and blowy in harsh environments. When you feel light and fresh, it enhances your productivity at the working place.
Its self-supporting detachable veil makes it easily washable. Keep in mind, the washing procedure has a significant value in the beekeeping profession. Bees get annoyed by the bad odor and you may experience a noxious attack. 360-degree mesh Veil fences the face without disturbing the view. The heavy-duty zipper is a full package of safety. It completely protects the overall body of the beekeeper, maintains a great level of peace, and upgrades the efficiency of the beekeeper in the hive.
Double stitched pockets make the difference with their reliable space and stuff. These support the beekeeper to feel light instead of having a large tool bag. This heavy-duty bee suit is the best bee suit for hornets. Its interlock pattern makes it a remarkable bee suit for hornets. Elasticity in the wrists fits perfectly around the wrists and locks the entrance of hornets to touch the skin. In addition, the Elasticity of ankles is also a big barrier for the bees. The elastic tightly holds the ankle and does not let anything reach the beekeeper’s body. The quality of the elastic is too good that it will not lose its elasticity after washing and go with you for a long run.
The heavy-duty bee suit is making a mark in the unisex design. All sizes are racked up for beekeeping professionals. Choose the much-needed design according to your requirements and make a quick purchase to become more productive. Amazing sale is on the go. Order your favorite one and have fun.


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  1. Derrick Mccann

    I received the beekeeper suit, and the quality is Great, it is thick material with well sewn seams. It is for my mom for Christmas, so I can comment on the size chart, but it looks true to the description. Cheers

  2. Madison Alexander

    My husband has wanted to get into bee keeping for a very long time but I was hesitant about the whole thing. Images of swarms circling him while he flailed about being stung kept rampaging through my mind. I admit, sometimes I want to kill him, but I don’t really want him to die.

    Not too long ago, he apparently decided he was tired of waiting on me to get on board and ordered the bee keeping suit. The man is not dumb. That was the perfect place to start with supplies to get me comfortable with the idea. I don’t think he could have chosen a better suit!

    Besides the fact it is all one piece and has elastic loops for both hands and feet to keep it all in place, it is really well made. I inspected every seam, the zippers, the whole nine yards. My man is going to be well protected. He said the suit fit well and it was easy to see through the veil. He also liked the large pockets.

  3. Pamela L

    Gave this bee suit to my son-in-law for his birthday. His previous bee suit was too flimsy and did not have several of the features this one has. The way the head and face guard is made makes it even better. He was delighted to get this.

  4. Zach Infante

    Verified Owner

    Works great. Very well made and very nicely manufactured. Definitely Recommended. Thanks

  5. Jeffrey messer

    Verified Owner

    Had no problem in return for a larger size great customer service the best i have had the opportunity to deal with.
    love this quality and delivery service. I would like to suggest it to others to buy this suit which is full of good quality.

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