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How to make a bee suit ? / DIY Beekeeper suit

DIY Beekeeper suit

Beekeeping could be a hobby or be on a professional scale, both are good for nature except getting stung, A Beekeeper suit is one of the first accessories to protect yourself against any kind of stings and provide a fearless experience to a beekeeper which could lead to the more productive effort while working around your hives or dealing with your bees. When you deal with bees some thoughts your mind got and one of them is how to make your own bee suit? The bee suit is also known as the Beekeeper costume and is also available at online beekeeping stores like Buzzing Bee and many others but here we will talk about how to make a beekeeping suit by your own because some people like to make the thing by self.

Buzzing Bee

A beekeeper outfit is usually a full-body protective gear and not very difficult to made at home, we are dividing it into different steps. 

How to make a beekeeper suit by your own step by step ?

Step 1: Let’s starts with the upper body and make a Beekeeper jacket or shirt, first of all, we need a thick material shirt like cotton or denim it will help not to let the sting pass through and snip off all the buttons with scissors and stitch the buttonhole tightly closed including collar and sleeve openings, now attach the Velcro to the shirt opening including the collar and sleeves too. This will help you to adjust the collar and sleeves to make it adequately tight to keep the honey bees or wasps out

Step 2: In this step we make the Bee veil, for that need a Cowboy style or hat with a wide brim which will keep the veil away from your face and not let the bees to stung while working with bees or handling the hives. you need enough veil fabric to fit around the Brim of the Hat so that it falls at least five inches below our shoulder, you can use nylon mesh or wire mesh for that purpose these materials can provide you a clear view. After measuring around the Brim of the Hat cut the fabric about an inch wider. We will work by hand to overlap the edges by half an inch and carefully sew the top edge of the veil around the brim of the hat.

Step 3:  Take a thick material pant like jeans or sweat pants and try to use baggy stylepants if anyhow the sting pass through the pant it doesn’t directly touch your skin so the pain could be avoided, it will be better if the pants have a tight elastic around the waist and ankles otherwise stitch the Velcro around ankles.

How to make a Bee veil?

Beekeeping hat
Bee veil

Now It’s time to put on the Almost sting-proof bee suit. you will put on the Bee veil Hat then coveralls making sure the mesh of Hat is securely tucked in at the neck of the coveralls. Now add gloves, socks, and boots to the ensemble. You have to make sure that the elastic of our beekeeping pant is tight around the bottom of our shirt, and tuck the pant in shoes.

Why do beekeepers wear white?

While making Bee protection suit try to use white or light color shirt, jacket or pant and avoid dark colors because bees use to take dark color as threat due to the resemblance with wild animals like bears. By following these instructions, you can have Homemade bee suit.

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