How to wash a Bee suit and Beekeeping jackets?
How to wash a Bee suit and Beekeeping jackets?

Are you looking for the proper method of washing a beekeeper suit? If so, then you are at the right place.
Before going into the detail of How to wash a bee suit, let’s have some knowledge about what beekeeping suit is and why it is crucial to wear.

How to wash a ventilated bee suit

A beekeeper suit is made up of heavy cotton and some are made of mesh that covers up the whole body of beekeeper.
It is essential to wear a beekeeping suit for a beekeeper while working to avoid pricks. They should wear special suits consist of pants, jackets, veil and gloves to entirely cover their body from any harm. After wearing the protecting suit, it must be washed because it gets dirty due to its bright color. It keeps protecting you over the day so at the end of the day it’s your duty to wash it off to use it a bit longer. After that, there is question raises how to wash a bee suit?

How to wash a bee suit

The process of cleaning beekeeping suit consists of 5 to 7 essential steps. A brief discussion on these steps is mentioned below:
• Empty all the pockets first
• Take off the veil
• Try to remove the stains
• Zip up all the zips
• Use washing machine according to the instructions
• Don’t use a machine to dry the suit

How to clean beekeeping gloves

It is important to wash beekeeping suit as it also carries stings and bad aroma when came back from bee yard. Let’s discuss the above step of cleaning in detail.
Empty all the pockets first

The first step is to remove any noticeable thing from the pockets. Empty pockets will ease the process of washing. Any kind of tissue, pebble, knife or anything may hinder the cleaning process. So, it is essential to remover everything from pockets.
Take off the veil
Removing the veil is the next step of washing. Veil should not wash in the machine. It should be washed by hand. Thus, the life of the veil will increase. Wash it off gently and don’t dry it in machine. Let it dry naturally.
Try to remove the stains
Before wash in the machine, try to remove all the stains from the suit. Some stains never completely vanished but stain may fade out. Pre-treat the stain is a best way of washing anything. Thus, less detergent will use in washing.

Zip up all the zips
Close all the zips before washing. If zip is broken, use safety pins or any other way to completely close the zips to make the washing process smooth.
Use washing machine according to the instructions
Now it is time to put the suit into the washing machine. Don’t use too much detergent or any cloth condition. Avoid washing beekeeper suit from any other cloth. Wash it separately. Always use hot water to wash it off so that all the impurities, dirt and stains can easily remove. Thus, you will have a deep clean and fresh suit.
Don’t use machine to dry the suit
After the completion of cleaning procedure, it is time to dry the suit. Always remember, don’t use any dryer machine to dry beekeeper suit. Hang it out and let it be dry naturally. Preferably, dry it in shade. Make sure to reopen all the zips to dry thoroughly. Drying it in a machine can be in a result of shrinking the suit.
By following all of the above mentioned steps of washing beekeeper suit, you can use your suit for long time by ensuring its better quality.

Hope after reading this article you guys got your answer about How to wash a bee suit? Here some more interesting questions and answers like What is the best bee suit?

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