Mesh bee jacket | 3 layer aerated bee jacket

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  • Self-supporting, non-removable round veil
  • 3 layer interlock deign
  • Elastic waist and elastic wrists, plus thumb
  • 360° mesh for unobstructed viewing
  • Durable double-stitched pockets
  • Three double-stitched front pockets
  • Unisex design for men and women

Mesh bee jacket | 3 layer aerated bee jacket

Mesh bee jacket utilizes 3 layers of breathable fabric with a lightweight form inserted by an interlocking pattern that provides maximum protection and keeps you cool and comfortable in hot weather. The aerated lightweight foam prevents bee stings by creating a 6mm gap between your skin and bees. With Buzzing Bee, stay away from painful bee stings, and hello to extra protection and all-day comfort!
When we study about beekeeping, it revealed that beekeepers are on a rocky road. Beekeeping is never a cinch when bees are mad at you. In the scorching days of summer, it becomes challenging. But now the wait is over; Buzzing bee is live with its new collection of mesh bee jackets. Its three aerated layers have a hold upon its customers. It is racked up with aerated lightweight foam that resists bees with the 6mm gap between the body and the bees. mesh bee jacket three-layered interlock design keeps the beekeeper’s body relaxed and breezy and cares about its complete protection.
This mesh bee jacket comes up with the new style of the rounded veil with 360-degree mesh that aids the obstruction-free view. For washing purposes, the veil is detachable. Keep in mind, before visiting the hives, the jacket should be clean and free from the foul odor. For this reason, the rounded veil is removable for comfortable washing. It plays the role of a barrier between the mad bees and the face of the beekeeper.
Three durable double-stitched front pockets give the beekeeper a feeling of gratitude when they can efficiently perform their duties satisfactorily. These three enlarged pockets can easily carry the prerequisites of the hives. Elastic wrists are a plus in this aerated bee jacket. Elastic around the wrists firmly holds the wrists; thus, bees stay away from the body. The elastic in the waist of the aerated jacket fits any body size. Resultantly, the beekeeper’s skin remains the protective shield from the harmful stings of the bees.
These mesh bee jackets are now in the market in all sizes and for both genders. Its unisex design increases its demands among males and females. With buzzing bee, purchase your favorite product and enjoy beekeeping with extra safety and massive discount offers.


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