Provent bee suit | 3D Air Mesh Lightest Vented Bee suit

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$120.00 From: $90.00

Avaibility : in stock
  • Made with Air mesh and Cotton
  • Removable Collapsible fencing veil
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • cushioned kneepads
  • Elastic wrists and ankles
  • 4 Double stitched front pockets
  • 4 leg hive tool pockets
  • Unisex design

Provent bee suit | 3D Air Mesh Lightest Vented Bee suit

Anyone who has tried beekeeping knows how hot it can get when working with bees. Keeping this in mind, Buzzing Bee’s masterful craftsmen have created the provent bee suit, which allows you to work more and sweat less! The pro-vent bee suit is made of 3D Air mesh with form and pure cotton. The Air mesh fabric is not only more kind on your skin but with the use of cotton is also an extremely robust fabric that protects beekeepers against the worst of bees. The breathable Air mesh lets you operate in hot temperatures without scorching your body.

If you thought that outstanding ventilation is this suit’s only essential feature, you’re wrong! The mesh fabric veil is wide enough to provide an entire span of view. Needless to say, the mesh in the veil is exceptionally fine, allowing breathability and unobstructed vision at the same time. The cushioned kneepads protect your knees against any abrasions or irritation when you crouch down to work, allowing greater flexibility.

Keeping in mind the beekeeper’s flexibility and comfort, the provent bee suit has been designed with lightweight Air mesh with form and cotton. This means that the suit makes absolutely no compromise on protection, and at the same time, is very light to wear and doesn’t tire you out! At the same time, elastic ankles and wrists prevent unwanted bees from entering your suit, and the durable elastic waist provides an excellent fit! This suit has 2 chest pockets (1 covered and 1 with a zipper) 2 hip pockets and 4 hive tool pockets.

The unisex design can be worn by both men and women and is available in all sizes! It is safe to say that Buzzing Bee’s provent bee suit surpasses every competitor when it comes to providing you with the value of money! Where else can you find a suit boasting all these distinctive features, all the while being pocket-friendly? Grab your provent bee suit on sale today and enjoy massive discounts!


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  1. Michael Haley

    Verified Owner

    My ventilated suit is very well made. The round “hat” rim keeps the veil away from my face so bees can’t sting me through the veil. The metal zippers are great and are more durable than plastic. The zippers at the leg bottoms make the suit easy to get on an off. Such an amazing suit I got. Definitely recommending to others. Its stuff is of good quality and its way of manufacturing is so good. Can’t explain in words.

  2. Sylvie Renaud Styron

    We had wasps make a nest in the tiniest of cracks near our front door. We were going to hire a pest control company, but after doing some research I figured this was something I could do myself. Their numbers had gotten so bad I stopped taking my toddler outside to play. So I ordered this suit, some gloves, and a bottle of Tempo Dust. Besides, the suit, gloves, and powder combined were still cheaper than hiring someone to do it.

    The suit is true to size (follow the chart provided) and the material feels sturdy. (I’m allergic to their stings and didn’t want to take any chances). I DEFINITELY would have gotten stung without this suit. Two angry wasps tried their hardest to attack my face, but try as they might my face stayed safe and secure. I climbed the ladder and proceeded to insert the dust into the tiny hole they were using as an entrance. They came out confused and angry buzzing around the entrance trying to understand what disturbed their nest and I stayed perfectly safe.

    By that afternoon, we were once again playing in our front yard and not a single German Wasp disturbed us. I plan on adding more powder in a week to deal with any hatching eggs. This suit was worth the cost and I can also use it as a future Halloween costume.

  3. L. Berry

    Very impressed by the quality of this suit. The zips seem robust and the cotton is thick enough to protect from stings. I am 6′ tall and ordered the XXL. It fits perfectly with enough room to move. has cuff and foot fasteners to stop riding up. plenty of pockets and a clasp in one to clip onto tools. For the money I’m very impressed.

  4. Carl Gillilan

    Verified Owner

    I wanted a suit that would not be overly hot. This is it. My friend even bought one after seeing mine Plenty of pockets with great ventilation.

  5. Teresa Benton

    Verified Owner

    The suit is great but the veil/mesh is too delicate. I have patched it several times and it needs to be replaced. Improve the veil mesh to make this the perfect suit. Perfectly wore and i like its stuff wow such an amazing suit.

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