Provent bee suit

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  • Polycotton beekeeper suit with collapsible fencing veil, heavy duty zippers, durable double stitched pockets.
  • Blend of pure cotton and polyester  provides outstanding protection against bee stings, plus all-day comfort in most weather conditions.
  • Unisex design for men and women.
  • Full-face mesh for unobstructed viewing.

Provent bee suit

Provent bee suit is a blend of polyester and pure cotton, for extra strength from bee strings we put a woven cloth in a special pattern.  It has great protection from the string of bee and wasp and also has vents for maintaining the body temperature cool in the summer season.


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  1. Sylvie Renaud Styron

    We had wasps make a nest in the tiniest of cracks near our front door. We were going to hire a pest control company, but after doing some research I figured this was something I could do myself. Their numbers had gotten so bad I stopped taking my toddler outside to play. So I ordered this suit, some gloves, and a bottle of Tempo Dust. Besides, the suit, gloves, and powder combined were still cheaper than hiring someone to do it.

    The suit is true to size (follow the chart provided) and the material feels sturdy. (I’m allergic to their stings and didn’t want to take any chances). I DEFINITELY would have gotten stung without this suit. Two angry wasps tried their hardest to attack my face, but try as they might my face stayed safe and secure. I climbed the ladder and proceeded to insert the dust into the tiny hole they were using as an entrance. They came out confused and angry buzzing around the entrance trying to understand what disturbed their nest and I stayed perfectly safe.

    By that afternoon, we were once again playing in our front yard and not a single German Wasp disturbed us. I plan on adding more powder in a week to deal with any hatching eggs. This suit was worth the cost and I can also use it as a future Halloween costume.

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