Sting proof bee suit

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  • Sting proof bee suit with self-supporting round veil, heavy duty brass zippers, durable polycotton-lined pockets.


  • Ultra breathable fabric to keep you cool in hot weather conditions, while a lightweight foam insert provides outstanding protection against bee stings


  • Tailored fit with an elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles, plus thumb and foot holds to keep everything comfortably in place
  • Unisex design for men and women between with removable veil for easy cleaning and storage

Sting proof bee suit

Sting proof bee suit made up of high-quality synthetic fabric with heavy-duty zippers, double stitched pockets covered with polycotton. Designed for comfort and highest safety from bee stingers and all kinds of strings of other flies and wasp.  The sting-proof bee suit is the highest margin in comfort and quality and safety.


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  1. Jeffrey messer

    Probably the best ventilated suit for the money out there! This ventilated suit is by far cooler than any standard suit out there and equally as ventilated as other ventilated, more expensive suits. I’ve been very impressed with the durability and even the washability of this suit. So much so that I just bought another for my wife. I am right at 6 ft tall and 185 pounds. An xxl fits perfect as I don’t want my suit fitting too tightly against my body. Checking in from deep south Louisiana where it’s super hot and humid… No other way to go if you need coverage in my opinion.

  2. Sandra Margaret

    This suit is very well made and provides great ventilation plus great protection against stings. I feel much more at ease in the bee yard in this full suit compared to a jacket. I also like that the hat/veil part of the suit are smaller than what I had before. I find this much more comfortable. So far very pleased with my purchase!!

  3. Emily

    Money well spent! Very well made, keeps me cool and breezy in summer, I can wear shorts and a shirt and not worry about being stung – I sized it so that I can add extra layers in spring/fall when it’s cool. I like the elasticized cuffs and Velcro pockets, I can keep queen cages in the breast pocket without them falling out as I bed over. I would highly recommend this suit – worth every penny!

  4. Raymond

    I got this suit a few weeks ago. I love it. Feel very safe and its awesome that its very ventilated. when it’s time to do a hive inspection 😝 it’s a piece of cake very comfortable and so well constructed.I highly recommend this suit.

  5. Kayla Kuchta

    Amazing! Exactly what I needed to tolerate the heat and not get stung when working with not too happy honey bees

  6. Maria Garcia

    I like the bee suit. It has prevented me from getting stung unlike my previous suit. It also is well ventilated. I am happy with this purchase.

  7. Mary Smith

    I am a female, new beekeeper, and I live alone on my farm. Face stings send me to the hospital with an eye swollen shut, so I needed a suit that would totally protect me. This suit is great. I ordered it after seeing a fellow beekeeper wearing it at a workshop and he raved about it. Wanted to wait to review it until I had used it all season, and washed it, etc. I have used it all summer, and never got stung once even with an aggressive hive that would come clear into my yard to sting me. I like how the hood netting stays rigid and I have also washed it (remove the hood) and it washed up just fine. It is very cool to wear in very hot weather with just shorts, Anyway, a very comfortable suit in hot weather, that gives me total protection and lets me concentrate on the task at hand. It really helped me boost my confidence, working alone on my farm with my new hive and major fears of getting stung. And that’s worth the price of this suit!

  8. Tina Morollo

    Great beekeepers suit. Easy to put on. Cool when wearing and working with my hive.

  9. Colleen wiersema

    I am just getting started with beekeeping in Southern California and was concerned a beekeeper suit would be too hot and uncomfortable. This beekeeper suit was recommended by a friend and it worked great. Kept the bees out while keeping me nice and cool. Feels high quality. Can’t wait for my first honey harvest.

  10. Andrew Goldstein

    Great quality. Strong zippers and good evil. Got the L size and at 5’9 for 170 lbs, this suit fits me perfectly! Keeps me cool on hot days, and so far no stings!

  11. Leidy Zern

    Bought this suit to do extractions. Have done one already, and the suit is phenomenal. No stings, and by far the coolest suit out there. Every time the air moves, you feel it. Makes extraction or maintaining ago hives a pleasure.

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