Ultra breeze bee suit | 3 layer bee suit

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  • 3-layer design
  • Breathable fabric
  • lightweight form inserted
  • Interlock pattern
  • Removable fencing veil
  • Adjustable cuffs openings
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Elastic thumb loops to keep everything comfortably in place.
  • 4 front pockets and 2 leg hive tool pockets.
  • Heavy-duty brass zippers

Ultra breeze bee suit | 3 layer bee suit

Ultra breeze bee suit uses 3 layers of breathable fabric with a lightweight form inserted by the interlocking pattern which provides 6 mm of the gap in between bee sting and your skin for your protection. The layers of the breathable fabric make it fully cool breeze bee suit by letting your body heat escape and let the air pass through to keep you cool and do not let you sweat during the warm season. This bee suit comes with a removable fencing veil which has quite a room for good visibility and protection by letting bees away from your face. we design it for the comfortability of the beekeepers so one of the main problems is to wear a bee suit, for that we provide leg zips on both sides which allows you to wear it on or off without removing your boots and give access to the pockets of the clothes underneath. we added some extra protective features like elastic wrists and the opening of it is adjustable along with elastic ankles. ultra breeze bee suit comes with brass zippers all over, which has more durability than any other plastic zipper. This 3 layered breeze bee suit has gone through all quality standards for personal and professional protective equipment. Our quality and commitment can’t be beaten.


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  1. Felicia Newhouse

    Verified Owner

    First wear great, could feel breeze, and felt fully protected in a good fitting suit. Feeling good to say that it has been made possible by only @Buzzing bee team. thanks.


    Verified Owner

    I am very satisfy with the customer support and the quality is the main reason that i buy again and again from them . I purchase bee suit and gloves from them arrived on time.

  3. angeline payne

    Verified Owner

    Works great. Very well made. I’ve worked around several yellow jacket nests without a single sting as I watch them buzzing around me surely trying very hard to use their stingers. I like to suggest it to others who are working on this field because this suit is of goof quality and its stuff is so nice.

  4. James Michael

    I am very pleased with this bee suit. It is a good fit, but not too snug which means that I have ample freedom of movement. The material is durable and there are several useful pockets with Velcro fasteners. The veil is attached with sturdy zips, but can be detached for washing if required. An additional Velcro strip covers the area where the veil zips meet at the front to provide further protection.Elastic straps make for a close fit at the hands and feet. I anticipate it lasting several years and proving good value for money.

  5. Juju Julien

    This is exactly what I was looking for. A reasonable price, good quality, and fast shipping! The bee suit has great protection while keeping me cool. The zippers are good quality brass and look like they will last forever. The veil allows good vision and stays in place. Looking forward to years of bee-keeping in this suit.

  6. Michael Haley

    Dear Buzzing Bee,
    Thank you so very much for your understanding to make a custom fit bee suit to exchange for my old order for an XL size. It arrived as promised by DHL here in Miami, FL USA.
    My compliments to you and your workers who made an excellent quality suit with the better YKK ring pull zippers, now easily accessible by gloved hands.
    The fit is very good for me. The suit I received is likely to be fully sting proof with best cloth solid panels-as advertised. You already have excellent face and head protection.
    I will highly recommend Buzzing Bee to my friends and colleagues at The South Florida Tropical Beekeepers Association.

  7. Michael

    Verified Owner

    I do not suit up heavily most of the time. Some hives just turn mean, bought this for those rare occasions, It will do plenty well for that. It is a solid suit. Hood leaves your face and scalp a little closer to bees than I would like, rim hat probably would cure that.
    Size chart is tight, male at 5′ 9 , 200 lbs. Squatting down was not possible. Ordering at least one size over, maybe two.

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