Ultralight Bee Jacket | Beekeeping Smock

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  • Self-supporting, removable veil
  • 3 layer interlock pattern
  • Elastic waist and elastic wrists, plus thumb
  • 2 Durable hive tool pockets
  • 3 double-stitched front pockets
  • Heavy-duty brass zippers
  • Unisex design for men and women

Ultralight Bee jacket |Beekeeping Smock

Working in a bee yard is not easy, and it becomes backbreaking when a beekeeper has to wear heavy beekeeping jackets. Are you hankering for an ultralight bee jacket? If so, the buzzing bee is the epitome of dispatching ultralight bee jackets in the market for beekeepers. This beekeeping jacket is easeful and self-supporting with the accommodation of a removable veil. This removable veil assists the comfortable washing in return for the hives. This clip-on veil feature makes the beekeeping jacket phenomenal in addition to the unhindered view.
The three-layered interlock pattern of the ultralight bee jacket keeps the beekeeper breezy in every weather. Instead of hindering the work in hives, it supports the beekeeper’s spending more time in the yard. Three layered patterns shield the beekeeper’s body from the stings. This feature of the ultralight bee jacket is like icing on the cake for the beekeeper to do his job in the flaming hot environment without burning his body.

The elasticity in the waist and wrists of the beekeeper’s jacket allows the beekeeper to work with more flexibility. Waist and wrist elastic act like a fence for the bees to not touch the beekeeper’s body so they can work safely. Plus, due to the elastic waist, it easily fits your body. 2 durable hive tool pockets are a plus point because it works as an alternative to the heavy tool bag the beekeeper must carry to the bee yard.

In addition, three double-stitched front pockets will catch your sight, along with robust brass zippers. Ultralight bee jackets are on deck with unisex designs for men and women in all sizes. Buzzing bee is making the mark with its competitive quality of beekeeping jackets. Don’t waste your time! Get your hands in to buy your jacket to bask in all the distinguishing features at cost-effective rates. The smashing sale is out! Be happy with bees!

This beekeeping smock comes in a 3layer breathable fabric. This ultralight bee jacket can help conceal your appearance when you are observing your bees. Moreover, with the recent developments in the patterns, this design allows you to blend in and not give the beehive’s location away.


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