Ventilated bee jacket with fencing veil

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  • 3 layer jacket with non flammable fency veil mesh.
  • Polycotton and natural latex blended mesh.
  • Eclectic cuffs.
  • Top Velcro sealed pockets.

Ventilated bee jacket with fencing veil

Ventilated bee jacket with fencing veil fully three-layered jacket, beautifully designed, safe and protective. This bee jacket fabricated with three layers of polycotton and natural latex blend.

We all know beekeeping is a hectic and challenging job. Bees are not always remained peaceful with the beekeepers. They become wild and irritated due to some reason. In such a situation, beekeepers’ peace must be the first and foremost priority. On the hot summer days, if they are not comfortable, they cannot deal with the aggressive bees. For this purpose, Buzzing bee is making its mark with its new collection of ventilated bee jackets. This jacket claims it is the ultralight and most ventilated jacket in the market. Its ventilation panels assist the beekeepers in being cool in the flaming hot days of summer. Its lightweight aids the beekeepers in performing their duty easily and comfortably.
This ventilated jacket comes with a rounded veil characterized by 360-degree mesh. The Veil is easy to remove and easy to wash. It also supports unhindered sight. In addition, it is like a fence for wild bees and blocks their contact with the entire face of the beekeeper. Thus, the Veil prevents the beekeeper’s face from any harmful attack by the bees.
An elastic waist is a plus, which easily fits the body and thus blocks the bees’ entrance to the body. Cotton cuffs are the shield for the arms. It fits tightly around the wrists, and bees do not touch the skin of the beekeeper. Moreover, elastic thumb loops are also attached to keep everything comfortably in place. Have a look at the vented pockets with self-fastening flaps. These pockets have enough space for beekeepers to keep their essentials in them.
This ventilated jacket locks with heavy and robust zippers. It prevents the beekeeper’s body from damaging biffing by the bees. Additionally, you will find double-stitched durable pockets that have significance.
This ventilated jacket is at hand in every size. Its unisex design is preferable for both men and women. It is an exceptional piece for beekeeping lovers. Don’t lose a chance to avail the discounted deals by buzzing bee. Purchase it and have fun! 


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  1. David Dawson

    My first experience with the suit was great…fit great and I felt comfortable and protected. It was definitely more expensive than other options, but I’m hoping that it’ll last and perform over time. Well Designed and well made recommending others to buy this.

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