Ventilated bee suit

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  • Ventilated bee suit with collapsible fencing veil, heavy duty zippers.
  • durable double-stitched pockets, cushioned kneepads
  • Elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles, plus thumb and foot holds to keep everything in place
  • ventilated bee suit is constructed from a premium blend of cotton and synthetic fabric

Ventilated bee suit

Ventilated bee suit made from the blend of pure cotton and synthetic cloth with high quality fully synthetic ventilated panels. we use the best quality woven in a special interlock pattern to provide extreme protection from bee stings and other kinds of string harms.


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  1. Jennifer Linda

    I have tested this suit in the field and I LOVE IT. I was worried it wouldn’t fit. I’m 5’5 240lb female so I have HUGE hips. I was worried my ass wouldn’t fit in this so I ordered the largest available. Even though it fits me super long, I can say that my butt fit in this outfit and I’m thrilled. Zippers are metal, and the elastic tabs at hands and feet keep the cuffs from rolling up when you put on gloves and boots.

  2. Stephen Renfrow

    I am just getting started with beekeeping in Southern California and was concerned a beekeeper suit would be too hot and uncomfortable. This beekeeper suit was recommended by a friend and it worked great. Kept the bees out while keeping me nice and cool. The fabric is super light, but feels high quality. Can’t wait for my first honey harvest.

  3. Kyle

    I’m an exterminator that doesn’t get stung anymore since I started using this product…not just for professional use…handy for working around the yard if you’re allergic.

  4. Jonathan Werner

    Excellent quality, has kept me protected from Yellow Jackets in the siding and in the ground.

  5. lucca

    Reasonably priced for what is typically an expensive & vital piece of equipment. Heavy cloth material, elastic at wrists and ankles (very important), pockets for holding necessary tools. 180 degree vision in the hood! Wore it to get rid of a colony of wild bees nesting in the floor boards of my shed. Not stung once, despite there being thousands of bees… I was extremely happy.

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