Youth bee suit | kids bee suit

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  • Self-supporting, removable round veil
  • 360° mesh for unobstructed viewing
  • Three double-stitched front pockets
  • Four ballistic nylon hive tool pockets

Youth bee suit | kids bee suit

Youth bee suit with self-supporting round veil, heavy-duty zippers, durable polycotton lined pockets.


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  1. Kate Feigin

    I love this suit! It works so much better than my last, more conventional suit and hood. After a bee crawled up under my old hood (the kind with the string that you tie around your waste) and stung me on the neck, I decided to get a suit that zips closed so bees cannot get in. This suit does just that. Now I have no worries about bees getting in. The fabric is comfortable and breathable and the hood does not fall down in front of my eyes like my old hood. This is a great bee suit! I got one for my husband and he loves it as well.

  2. J. Brooks

    I like the material the suit is made from & it is very protective & ventilated well. I really like the color. This beekeeping suit is high quality. From zippers to Velcro to seams. Reinforced around the wrists and the ankles. Elastic around the wrists and the ankles is very good.The hood is so light, it feels like you aren’t wearing anything – and with this suit you will have a full field of view, I put the suit on and it breathes very well.If you are looking into getting something like this for taking care of your bees or getting into beekeeping and need a suit this is the one to get. I love this suit.

  3. Aiden

    Fantastic! The suit is extremely well-constructed and comfortable. Visibility was great and the suit offered superb protection during wear. The suit fit well–this sizing chart was accurate. High quality from top to bottom is what you can expect when ordering this suit. Wonderful product.

  4. Olivia Jacob

    Best quality ever. Worth every penny. I live in FL. We have in January 80+ . That suit is breathable which is priceless here.

  5. David Dawson

    Very breathable, easy to put on, Great beekeepers suit.

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